We exist to accelerate and simplify the development of life science products to extend life and benefit human flourishing.


Building a Flow Circuit is as simple as building a PCB


We are:

  • Accountable
    • We believe we are uniquely skilled and positioned to help people. We believe this gives us the personal responsibility to execute The Mission.
  • Future-Oriented
    • We prefer to think about the way the world could and should be. We don’t care about what is typical or accepted.
  • Approachable
    • We value humility over prestige
    • We value authenticity over pretense
    • We value clarity over sensitivity
    • We value casual over formal
  • Intellectual
    • We value knowledge, curiosity, and continuous learning.
  • Prosperous
    • We believe that building human value creates economic value and that creating value/wealth is a moral good.